De La Soul – Potholes In My Lawn

So here’s a little backstory on why I posted this video… 1988 I’m an 11 year old HIP HOP ADDICT! (Big Daddy Kane was my FAVORITE MC)

Rappers were the coolest people on the planet.. Damn near like superheroes to me… and for that reason I never thought it was a possible career move for me being a kid living in a small suburb called Bellvue in Pittsburgh PA.

Anyway, one day I’m watching YO! MTV Raps and I see this video from De La Soul and I thought “Oh shit… this is fucking dope and they look like normal dudes…”

No big gold chains, no Dapper Dan suits and no hardcore gangster demeanor… Just some kids that were dope at rapping and having fun.

This was the moment that my life changed and I began to write rhymes and make “pause beat tapes”…

I’m forever in debt to Pos, Dove and Mase for inspiring me to have a dream.

PS: For my 12th birthday my parents let me go to my first concert… it was August 1989 LL Cool J “Nitro Tour” Pittsburgh Civic Arena… peep the line-up LL, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, EPMD, and De La Soul was the opening act!

I’ve had this poster up on my bedroom wall in my parents house since Aug. 13th 1989… #FuckTommyBoy

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